Limited WIP Society needs Wiki gardener

Hi all,

on July 14, Karl Scotland wrote a request for help – the Limited WIP society needs a gardener for information that is related to Lean and Kanban.

See Karl’s message below for details.


Hi All,

You may be aware that a few people got together in Iceland a couple of weeks ago for a „Kanban Leadership Retreat“. One of the topics of conversation was how we evolve the Limited WIP Society and encourage more community participation. There are too many of us, with too much potential content and input, to continue with me, Janice and a few others as bottlenecks!

I wrote up some notes here:

I have some specific requests though.
The wiki has lots of content, but there could be more, and the structure and layout could be better. Please ask me for an account offline if you would like to help maintain it.
We now have a reddit area ( Please add links to interesting and relevant blogs, articles, presentations etc and vote and comment on the ones that are there.
We also have a getSatisfaction page ( Please add, discuss and vote for ideas to grow the LWS. And volunteer to take on any ideas for projects you have the skills, time and energy for.
The Limited WIP Society is your community resource. BY you, not just FOR you.For it to flourish and be valuable, we need as many people to contribute as possible.



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Expert for effective software product development, coaching teams to get software out the door without going nuts. Kanban expert. Indie creator.
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